About Us


As a leading provider of pontoon modifications and jetty repairs on the Gold Coast, our clients have enjoyed high standards of work and a professional, safety focused approach with reliable, cost effective results.

We are proud of our record of success that stands as an example of our dedication to delivering the very best service and outcomes for every client and every situation.

Jetty and pontoon maintenance that meets all national safety standards is particularly important for waterfront home owners and businesses. Not only is regular maintenance a liability issue , but it make sense economically too because  it is much cheaper to repair a jetty or pontoon than it is to demolish and build new. Our service is designed to ensure your jetty always meets national standards, affordably and effectively.

Whatever your  pontoon maintenance or jetty repair needs, our ability to assess and identify issues and develop cost effective, long lasting solutions ensures that we can deal with any issue you have.

From localised repairs to complete new decks, alterations or extensions and remedial works to revetment walls, we offer the same high standard of service and outcomes.

Is your contractor insured? Because we are.