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Jetty Maintenance

Important Tips For Jetty Maintenance You Should Know

When living in a coastal region, marine maintenance becomes an important part of life. In order to minimize disruption and ensure safety around your coastal area, you need to take care of it regularly. And, you can’t ignore maintaining that historic jetty Gold Coast.

Just like other living areas, your jetty is an important part, which you should clean and maintain properly. Regular jetty maintenance is required as it’s much cheaper than building new jetties.

But, how can you do that? Read on to learn more.

Jetty Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Aware of Common Issues

When it comes to jetty maintenance, it’s important to increase your knowledge about the common issues that may occur in jetties. Here you need to go beyond cleaning. Try to learn the issues that arise over time, and for that, you need to spend more time on your jetty.

Here are some of the most common problems in jetties-

  • Structural damage to the piles
  • Main structure damage
  • Rust on iron parts
  • Remedial works on existing structures such as paint, marine paint, etc.

So, whenever you notice any of the above-mentioned issues, call a reputed Gold Coast jetty repair professional.

Identify The Type of Wood

There’s a wide range of wood types available. For jetties, experts recommend using pressure-treated wood. Why so? Because they last longer, and don’t have any issues such as rot and warping.

But, you need to first check what type of wood installed on your jetty, and then search for the different methods for cleaning and maintaining it. For pressure-treated wood, all you need is water for cleaning it. Use a water hose with a high-pressure spray nozzle connected to it for cleaning the wood. Or, you can use pressure washing method. For cleaning natural wood, you can use the sodium percarbonate solution. In addition to cleaning properly, the solution will also help in protecting the wood from further damage.

Inspect Metal Components

Aside from inspecting wooden pieces, make sure you check metal components of the jetty for damage and wear. Check all the chains, poles, and other metal parts, and see if they are rusted or eroded. If so, check how much damage has been occurred, whether you need to repair or replace them. However, you should make a habit of applying lubricant after cleaning the jetty.

Additionally, you should carefully check all the fasteners. Do you notice any sign of deterioration? It’s important to note that fasteners don’t last for a lifetime. So, make sure you check them and replace them when required.

To sum up, cleaning and maintaining your jetty is important. This helps in keeping it in good condition for years, thus avoiding the need of building a new jetty, which may cost you a lot. With regular inspection, you can easily determine the damage occurred to different parts of the jetty, such as wood, metal components, etc.

If you need professional help for taking care of your jetty, hire a reputed Gold Coast jetty maintenance and repair company.