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Gold Coast Boat Roller Systems

Get the right roller system for your Gold Coast Pontoons

When you have a watercraft, it’s natural that it will stay in the water. Well, for how long? An obvious answer would be ‘Not Forever’. When your watercraft is in water, it is always at a risk of corrosion. If there is saltwater, the risk is even more prominent. So, you need to keep your Gold Coast Pontoons as dry as possible when not in use. Well, how would you do it? You’ll need a good roller system to get it done.

Why is keeping watercraft in the water a risk?

When you invest in a jet ski, you’ll want it to stay in ideal condition because they are not cheap. So, you need to pay attention to the ways of guarding your watercraft against any damage. Keeping it in the water always puts it at the risk of damage. Corrosion is a major issue and environmental changes have an impact too. Ideally, there should be a way to safely elevate out of the water and store it with ease. Well, roller systems present the solution.

What is Gold Coast Pontoons roller system?

A dry berth roller system installed directly on your jetty or pontoon by the team at Gold Coast Jetty Repairs pulls your boat or jetski up out of the water. It also works in reverse to safely and securely reverses your watercraft into the water when you are ready to use it.

How are boat rollers installed?

As you would have guessed, rollers are pretty important. They make the whole loading and unloading process easy. Here is the process used by Gold Coast Jetty Repairs to install your dry berth roller system:

1) Remove the old rollers if any

When starting from scratch, the approach will be pretty simple. Well, if you already have rollers installed, they will need to be removed first.

2) Check the roller shafts

There is a chance that the roller shafts are worn out too. We will lubricate the mounting bracket and the roller shafts. We use a high-quality industrial strength lubricant spray.

3) Install the rollers

After we’ve lubricated the shaft, it’s time to install the rollers. By holding the roller shaft, we will push through the hole of the rollers and mounting bracket.

4) Fix the rollers in place

Next, we slide the cotter pins through the roller shafts and lock them in place. Once the rollers are fixed in place, you’re all set to load and unload your watercraft with ease.

Hire an expert to do it for you

Watercrafts are an expensive investment. So, if you’re not sure about installing the rollers by yourself, you should take help from the experts. They have the experience and expertise to install the rollers with safety and care. I’m sure you don’t want to damage your pontoon. Just have a look at how to find the right expert for yourself.

1) Go through the reviews and ratings

The internet is filled with useful information. Use that to your advantage. You can go through websites that rate the pontoon repair companies. Reviews are particularly helpful because they give you a real glimpse into the working prowess of a particular company. Ideally, you should select 3-4 experts that hold a high rating and positive reviews from the customers. It’s always better to have multiple options in hand.

2) Have a look at the experience

Experience matters a lot. When you’re hiring an expert, they should have the experience to get the job done. I’m sure you don’t want to give your pontoon over to someone who does not have the experience. If they have a website, it’s even better. You can go through it and contact them personally to get an insight into their expertise.

3) Compare

Ideally, you should compare the list of choices that you have and compare them on various parameters. These include price, experience, and reputation. Ideally, you should choose an expert that offers a good amalgamation of all the services and forms a good match for you.

Gold Coast Pontoon roller systems can ensure your pontoon stays in top shape and away from any risk. With the right approach and help from the expert, you can rest assured of keeping it the way you want.