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Dust off the watercrafts

Dust off the watercrafts and hit the water – Summer is here!

Dust off the watercrafts and hit the water – Summer is here! Boats and Jet skis are designed for the water – of course! But does that mean it should to stay in there 24/7? When marine vessels are stored in wet stuff they come under attack from a host of environmental factors, from marine growth to the simple battering of the waves. There’s no need for bottom paint, no service calls from a guy with a scuba tank and a scraper, and fewer concerns about corrosion and eroded zincs. Your boat is a huge investment (some more than others) so you should consider installing a lift and docking system from Gold Coast Jetty Repairs for out-of-water storage and protection. Their drive-in or drive-on style provides not only convenience but makes economic sense too! When you call us on 0404 890 002 you’ll speak directly to Ian about any aspect of our work. For more information visit #jettyrepairs #pontoonrepairs #goldcoastjettyrepairs #boardwalkrepairs #canallife #canallifestyle #boatjetty #boatjettys

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